At just 17 years old, Souleyman Sequeira – Boukhobza, known as Soulgraffart, has established himself as an outstanding artist in the world of graffiti art. His origins in Vichy, France, add a special dimension to his art by weaving local and cultural influences into his works.

Soulgraffart’s work is characterised by a vibrant and innovative style that reflects the urban aesthetic of Vichy. Despite his young age, he has already developed a distinctive voice in the graffiti scene that resonates both locally and internationally.

As a young artist, Soulgraffart brings a fresh perspective to street art. His ability to combine youthful energy with complex themes makes him a source of inspiration for other young artists and art lovers.

Grafitti Artist

Souleyman's Artworks

Soulgraffart's artistic development is reminiscent of Jean-Michel Basquiat, who also began his career with graffiti. Soulgraffart's ability to use graffiti art in an innovative way while conveying profound messages reflects Basquiat's legacy.
Starting arts _160x200_ technique mixte _ 2022_.6800€JPG

Starting arts

Starting arts, 160×200 cm, technique mixte, 2022

Roots inspiration_ 200x150_ technique mixte _ 2023.7000€ jpg

Roots inspiration

Roots inspiration, 200×150 cm, technique mixte, 2023

Sunlight _ 40x35 _ acrylique _ 2023


Sunlight, 40×35 cm, acrylique, 2023

Peace and drawing _technique mixte _ Souleyman and mikails Akar _2023 _80x80

Peace and drawing

Peace and drawing, 80×80 cm, technique mixte, Souleyman and mikails Akar, 2023



Lolotte, 100×70 cm, acrylique ans spray, 2023


Soul Cosmique

Soul-cosmique, acrylique aérosol, 80×60 cm, 2023


Souleyman's Exhibitions

Given his young age and impressive skills, Soulgraffart is at the beginning of a promising career in the art world. His background and talent point to an exciting future in which he will continue to push the boundaries of graffiti art and make his mark on the street art scene.