0H10M1ke, or Ohio Mike, is an influential Brooklyn street artist known for his single-line portraits. His unique ability to capture the essence of people on the street and at events has earned him recognition far beyond New York.

With works in the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, Brooklyn Museum and international events such as Art Expo New York, 0H10M1ke has marked his presence on the global art stage. His technique of creating quick and expressive single line portraits reflects a modern interpretation of graffiti and contemporary painting.

0H10M1ke’s style goes beyond mere representation; he creates a direct connection with the viewer by capturing the fleeting moments of life. This method not only demonstrates his skill, but also a deep understanding of human emotion and experience.

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0H10M1ke's Artworks

His work, a combination of street and gallery art, invites us to take a fresh look at the urban environment and explore the diversity of human emotions. 0H10M1ke inspires through his ability to achieve maximum impact with minimal means and remains an important figure in the art world, blurring the boundaries between art forms.
Under the Stars

Under the Stars

Acrylic, Alcohol-based ink, masking fluid, crayon on photo paper, 19 x 13 inch, 2024

Embroiled in a Colony of Hesitation, Mixed Media on Canvas,60cm x 60cm ,2023

Embroiled in a Colony of Hesitation

Embroiled in a Colony of Hesitation, Mixed Media on Canvas, 24 x 24 inch, 2023

Dr1p No.5 , Acryl on Canvas, 2023,

Dr1p No.5

“Dr1p No. 5”, Acrylic on canvas, 24×36 inch, 2021


0H10M1ke’s Exhibitions

0H10M1ke, the master of the single line, has established himself as one of the most distinctive voices in the world of street art and beyond. At home both in the gallery and on the street, his works speak a universal language.