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Our gallery is a place of artistic expression and shows exceptional works by young and established artists.

Welcome to Gallery Ehren Art, a vibrant centre of art in Cologne. Our gallery is dedicated to presenting and promoting a diverse range of art styles, from abstract art, street art to pop art. We are proud to be regularly represented at internationally recognised art fairs such as Art Miami and ArtExpo New York.

In our gallery you will experience a unique blend of colours, shapes and ideas that shape the modern art scene. Our carefully selected collection includes abstract artworks that are captivating in their bold and experimental nature. These works challenge viewers to think outside the box and experience art beyond conventional boundaries.

The street art collection at Gallery Ehren Art reflects the vibrant energy of urban life. These artworks bring the voices of the street into the spotlight and are characterised by a raw, unpolished aesthetic.

Our pop art works are a vibrant homage to the cultural icons of our time. They play with bright colours and recognisable imagery to create a direct link to contemporary culture.

As a participant in international art fairs such as Art Miami and ArtEXpo New York, we bring the works of our talented artists to the world stage. These fairs offer us a platform to network with a global audience and present the diversity of art from Cologne internationally.

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Gallery Ehren Art

Visual impressions

Visit us at Gallery Ehren Art and experience the fascinating world of contemporary art. We look forward to welcoming you to our gallery and discovering the beauty and diversity of art together
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Gallery Ehren Art’s Founder

Kerem Akar

Kerem Akar, founder of Gallery Ehren Art, impresses as an experienced art visionary with several years of experience in the art industry. His creative passion and keen sense for exceptional talent is reflected in the variety of art styles presented at the gallery – from abstract art to the impressive world of street art and pop art.

His ability to curate and present these different art forms in a harmonious way without losing authenticity is admirable. His commitment to emerging artists extends beyond the gallery, as he presents the works of his protégés to the global public at international art fairs such as Art Miami and ArtExpo New York.

Kerem Akar