Alina Zogel


Alina Zogel, born near Paderborn, spent a large part of her life on the idyllic North Sea island of Borkum, where she grew up from the age of nine. She discovered her passion for art early on in her artistic family, initially focussing on Impressionism. Over time, however, she developed a preference for abstract expressionism, which still characterises her work today.

Three years ago, Alina finally moved to Oldenburg, her adopted home, where she slowly established herself in the art scene. It was only a year and a half ago that she began actively participating in regional exhibitions, where her talent and unique approach quickly attracted attention.

Contemporary art

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Alina Zogel's Artworks

Each of her works is characterised by her fascination for details, which she enhances with 24-carat gold leaf, and her search for a successful fusion of expression, aesthetics and illusion.


Titel: Memories, Größe: 110x140cm, Material: Acryl & 24kt, Gold auf Leinwand, Jahr: 2023



White painting with golden bar. Title: Tunnel Size, 100x120cm acrylic & 24kt gold on canvas Year, 2024

Weißes Bild mit goldenem Auge_ Titel_ Risk Größe_ 100x120cm Acryl & 24kt Gold auf Leinwand Jahr_ 2024


Weißes Bild mit goldenem Auge. Titel: Risk, Größe: 100x120cm Acryl & 24kt Gold auf Leinwand Jahr, 2024

Schwarzes Bild mit goldenem Auge_ Titel_ Matrix Größe_ 100x120cm Material_ Acryl & 24kt Gold auf Leinwand Jahr_ 2023


Black painting with golden eye. Title: Matrix Size: 100x120cm Material: Acrylic & 24kt gold on canvas Year: 2023


Alina Zogel’s Exhibitions

Alina Zogel is undoubtedly an up-and-coming artist whose path in the art scene is being followed with excitement. Her journey is characterised by creative development and a relentless pursuit of perfection, which makes her works true masterpieces