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Exclusive Art
Gallery Ehren Art

Welcome to the Gallery Ehren Art in Cologne, where there are no limits to your imagination.

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Discover a wonderful world of contemporary art in our current exhibitions. Each exhibition is a testament to the limitless possibilities of expression.
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Register now free of charge for the exhibition from 01.06 – 14.06.2024 at Gallery Ehren Art Köln.

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Artists of our gallery

Discover the vibrant world of our exceptional artists. The profiles provide you with an overview of the artworks, editions and relevant information.
Mikail Akar Bild

Mikail Akar

11 year old Artist from Cologne



17 year old graffiti Artist

Michael Friess

⁠Michél Friess

International Contemporary Pop-Art


Artist from New York

Joe Whale

Artist from UK

Lucas Goly

Artist from New York

Jens Joneleit

Artist from Germany


Alina Zogel

Artist from Germany